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Brave Corporate Wellness offers the opportunity to remove the daily challenges and distractions, and to focus on wellbeing and self care goals so that teams and individuals are energised, focused, confident and optimised in both their personal and professional lives.

Our programs are tailored for each organisation, whether you are a start-up or multinational.

Workplace stress costs Australian businesses more than $30 Billion each year.

By investing in your staff well-being you can reduce that stress and see an increase in productivity and a happier, healthier workplace. Among the benefits to companies that provided wellness to team members were improvements in:  

  • Reduced Costs: By learning how to reduce stress, organisation will reduce absenteeism estimated to cost Australian businesses $6.4 billion a year (Source: Medibank)
  • Increase Profits: Companies in the “Best Companies To Work For” category for a 4-year period increased their profits by 315% (Source: Aon Hewitt) 
  • Improve Productivity: The brain at positive is 31% more productive than the brain at negative, neutral or stressed (Source: University of Wisconsin)

Corporate Packages


Yoga Session

$30 PP

Yoga & food

$60 PP

Yoga, Breakfast & Studio Rental

$76 PP


The course can be based in Balmain or offsite. Participants are responsible for their own travels and transfers.
Additional costs incurred during off-site experiences

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leadership workshops


Break through the rustle and rush of the office. Every team, no matter how big or small, needs a space to reset. Our Brave Studio is the perfect location for your next staff development, or wellness program. With a wide array of ammenities, Brave has you sorted. 

There are countless courses and books available on leadership technique, decision-making and public speaking, but Brave Leadership aims to give you the tools to understand and bring out your own leadership style. With an in-depth look at various leadership books, from Good To Great (Jim Collins, 2000) to Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey 1989), our programs are all about what it really means to lead, and the difference between being a manager and being a leader.

Brave Leadership invites you to explore - and accept - the Brave Leader in you.

the essentials

courage | confidence | competency


courage | confidence | commitment

good to great

bold | balance | brave



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